Henry Bauleni– Inmates – TPJ graduate and Course Leaders – Mangochi Prison.

Henry is 34 years old, married and has 4 children. Due to high unemployment levels, he found it very challenging and difficult to fend for his family. He met his old time friend who offered him what seemed to be an answer to his problems and quickly accepted the offer. He was taken to the training and from that training he became a fraudstar. He was stealing money from people’s mobile phone e-wallets by identifying numbers and generating their passwords and cash out whatever was in those

accounts. He was later apprehended by police after being tipped by the mobile phone operator and later changed 4 years inprisonment. While in prison, he bacame aware of the program and joined to have something to do while in prison. Little did he know that it was Jesus’ call on him to have his heart changed and become His disciple. “I never knew I would be this calm and live happy. I thought prison was the end of my life but I have realised that it was actually the beginning of the real life that is only found in Jesus Christ,” he said. He now confesses Christ and pledges to be His folllower even after his sentence expires.

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