Ndaona Pahuwa – Prisoner –
Mikuyu 2 Prison (23 years)

When I came to prison, it was very difficult for me to accept the fact that I deserved to be in prison for the bad things that I did. It took time for me to understand prison life and slowly began to align myself with the prison-cell code.

I found myself developing desire for other men. This led to a serious lust for them and started homosexual. I thought there was nothing wrong with that until the time TPJ came to our prison. I was not sure if I had to join the program or not but eventually I did.

At the end of eight weeks of the course I started feeling guilt of my homosexuality behavior. I gave my life to Christ and He helped me to completely stop this devilish behavior. I now accept that am in prison for what I did and am hopping for a better life when am out of prison.

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