Patrick B. Tembo – Inmate – Thyolo Prison

Patrick, a 29 year old, joined a gang at the age of 23. He was into gang life because he did not go to school and found life very difficult to cope with. In the gang, he and his friends did all sorts of evil; stealing from passers by, breaking into people’s houses, molesting and raping young girls and women, to mention but some. On that fateful night, Patrick and his friends were intercepted by police and he and few of his friends were

caught and later sentenced to 5 years. In prison, he learnt about TPJ and got interested. After finishing the course, he then found out his purpose in God. “Am overwhelmed by God’s love. How can he forgive someone like me, a hardcore sinner?” Patrick said. He believes God will lead him and be his guide even when he is out of prison.

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