Blessings Lichanya – Inmate – Nkhatabay Prison

Blessings was sent to prison for murder. “When I got to prison, I lost all hope as my fellow inmates welcomed me with very disappointing news that I would never come out of prison and I would die in prison because of the nature of the crime I committed. I was so devastated and broken. This led me to live an insestive life because I though there was nothing left for me and so I didn’t care. After some days I heard people talking about TPJ and I was interested to know more and so, they explained everything I needed to know and they told me that at the end of the lessons, participants receive a copy of the complete bible and a certificate. I was interested to join as I wanted to add meaning to my meaningless life. I was lucky I joined the lessons and after a few lesssons I learnt that Jesus is the saviour of my life and a few more lessos later, I learnt that He came for sinners like me. This was so relieving knowing that my sins can be forgiven. I learnt that Jesus knows me, I was so surprised and so happy. That was the turning point of my life.”

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